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The Story

From The Girl with a Pearl Earring, Mona Lisa, and the Milkmaid to Guernica and The Last Supper: we give our interpretation of these beautiful works of art in a contemporary style made of high-quality, sustainable wood.


Passion for Sustainable Materials

From our passion for art and love for sustainable materials, we at WoodWideArt give our twist to known and unknown works of art. With our art pieces, we (and soon you) make an ode to the great masters such as Johannes Vermeer, Rembrandt, and Picasso.

These unique works of high-quality veneer wood are shaped in a mosaic style, in which different layers and beautiful deep colors are characteristic. A WoodWideArt art piece is an added value for any room in the house: you keep looking! Perfect for the living room, above the dining table, or as a showstopper in the hall.

WoodWideArt is a sister company of WoodWideCities, a company in which we make custom-made wooden wall decorations exclusively made of certified veneer wood. WoodWideArt started in 2021 from a collaboration between Fredric, Freek, and Silvia.



Fredric is the man behind WoodWideCities. He is an entrepreneur pur sang consisting of a creative streak. The company is, next to his children, girlfriend and dog, his great love. Good for everyone, because since its foundation, he has also increasingly reinvented the DIY mentality.

Fredric grew up with art and shares this interest with his girlfriend, who is currently at the Classical Academy of Painting.


Silvia was born and raised in Rome, Italy. In 2013 she came to the Netherlands for love and she is now married and has two lovely daughters.

Silvia is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. She paints, draws (digitally), sculpts, plays the piano, and is now mastering the drums.


Freek is an entrepreneur, sparring partner, and marketing wizard of WoodWideCities.

Websites, marketing campaigns, and social media strategies are no secrets to him.

In addition, Freek often goes abroad and can be found on his motorcycle often. Freek really appreciates a work of art every now and then.

Do You Want to Be Part of Our Story?

We believe in the power of collaboration.
Do you have a great idea, do you want to collaborate or do you want to share something with us?

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